One of the requirements in today’s network operation for enterprises is the latency control, with the capability of scalable and high-density. The advanced network packet brokering solutions are aiming at high throughput traffic monitoring and application level deep packet analysis at line rate for 40Gb traffic, therefore reducing unnecessary tool oversubscription.

Luxar Tech is dedicated in optimizing your network traffic monitoring and network security management, one of our newest development, the state-of-art LTV 40G network packet broker, meets your comprehensive filtering, aggregation, load-balancing and more.

The LTV8141 offers a unique processing and manipulation of passing network packets, Today’s network traffic, in many cases, needs to be completely recorded and thoroughly inspected. Data centers and enterprise have to choose from buying costly new 40G tools, or having oversubscription. The Luxar LTV8141 is made to solve this challenge.

The architecture of LTV8141 is designed specifically for 40G network traffic monitoring optimization. The LTV8141 supports low latency packet processing with all packet filtering and manipulation functions at line rate. It provides 1k filtering rules and 32 X 40G port density, creating savings on both per port cost, energy and rack space to raise productivity.

LTV8141’s acts well as an integrated multi-speed flow distributor for traffic capture, regeneration with multi-port cross connection and load balance. It can aggregate and filter any traffic from multiple 10G, 25G or 40G links, and re-distribute it to 10G, 25G or 40G tools as need, the media type conversions can be done at the same time with the data rate change, significantly reducing oversubscription of unnecessary tools. Notably. The LTV 8141 is one of the industry’s first fully OpenFlow compatible network packet broker, 1k flow table has made this product unprecedently versatile,
flexible, and cost-effective.

LTV8141’s link aggregation and packet filtering function enables network traffic from any set of network links and Span ports to be aggregated and re-streamed into a single stream and copied to any or all 32 monitor ports. It provides one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many mappings of network links,  filtered by protocol, IP address, TCP/UDP port, VLAN, and more.

In addition, LTV8141’sload balancing function leverages its optimized algorithm to ensure that the appliance, weather connected to one port or multiple ports, will only receive traffic of interest its particular purpose. LTV8141’s  is a very cost-effective solution that provides exactly what is needed for these tools.

All things considered, LTV 8141 provides one of the most comprehensive yet simplistic solution to fit IT professionals’ needs on network visibility.

The datasheet of LTV8141 can be downloaded hereIf you have any questions or would like to schedule a live demo, please contact us at 855-50-LUXAR or info@luxartech.com. We look forward to working with you!

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