Luxar Tech Inc. Luxcope™ series of products address various needs in network visibility. Luxar Tech takes pride in leading the industry in cost-effectiveness and meeting customization needs.

Luxcope™ LTV8050 GE/10GE packet broker is a 24x1GE+4x10GE device for copying, filtering, aggregating, and distributing network traffic to enable efficient use of traffic analysis tools.

Also Luxcope™ LTV8050 can act as a smart TAP device for GE Network. Typically, LTV8050 is put into the network as an active inline TAP. The network traffic can be mirrored and transmitted to tools for analysis. If power is down, LTV8050 will activate electrical protection within 50ms to restore the network link.


LTV8050 can receive traffic from a subset of GE/10GE ports, filter the received traffic by ACL rules, load-balance and redistribute the received traffic to another subset of GE/10GE ports for processing by traffic analysis tools so that the traffic analysis tools receive interested traffic only.


  • Selective aggregation and distribution of GE/10GE traffic
  • Felxible filtering (by port,VLAN,IP,etc.)
  • Header stripping
  • Packet modification
  • Session/Flow aware load balance
  • Multi-device stacking
  • Inline and span access
  • Auto trans-link to assure link safe
  • Telnet, SSH and CLI management
  • Redundant power supplies with AC and DC options

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