The Luxar LVT8121 is an inservice Network Packet Broker (NPB) that provides enhanced security and identifies and resolves performance problems across your physical and virtual infrastructure. The LTV8121 analyzes your network traffic, identifies critical data flows, and reflects those streams from your 10G Ethernet network to various network devices, such as Network Analyzers, firewalls, IPS/IDS systems or backup storage. Using a -48V DC or 100~240V AC power supply, the LTV8121 and provides 1:1 redundant power protection.


Connected to the network as an inservice device, the LTV8121 provides data filtering and blocking functions and can be used for monitoring, backup and network security. It can convert data multiple 10G Ethernet protocols into 1GE protocols for downlink output, as well as for the deep packet inspection/processing by the servers of the lower hierarchy, such as disaggregation, duplication and filtering appliances or tools.


  • Protocol Conversion between 1GE and 10 GE networks
  • Filtering and load-balance
  • Aggregate and distribute network traffic
  • Replicate traffic to monitoring tools
  • Packet analysis and identification based on demand


  • 1RU standard Rack
  • Supports 4X10GE and 48GE ports
  • Supports IPV4/IPV6
  • Supports application by serial connection
  • Supports protocol (ISL, MPLS, PPPOE, VLAN ) packet identification and packet head extraction and removing
  • Filtering from OSI L2 to L7*
  • IP load repackaging to Ethernet packet MAC address/Time Stamp/ACL and port information can be flexible configured.
  • 128K(IPV4) ACL rules based on IP five tuple
  • Support SNMPv3, Telnet and Console
  • Support software online upgrade
  • Support dual -48V DC or 100~240V AC power supply with 1:1 redundant protection

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